Our book is nominated for two awards!

Our book "En handbok om indigo" was released in march, and we pretty much high-fived each other and then continued working on other stuff. We had no idea that there were prizes to be won for books, but fortunately our publisher does so they signed us up, and we were just told that we are nominated for not only one, but -two- prices! 

First off, the jury of the Swedish Design Award has nominated us in the category "Editorial, Book, Print". The winner is chosen partly by a jury and partly by voters, so if you want to vote for us you can do it here! 

The other prize is the Swedish Publishing Prize, in which we are nominated in the category "Handbooks, Study materials". The winners are chosen exclusively by a jury, so the only way you can help us here is to keep your fingers crossed. Check out the publishing prize here if you want to read more about it! 

We are of course humbly happy to be nominated, regardless if we win any nice diplomas. Also a shoutout is in place, for our incredible creative and patient team that helped us build the book! 

Our photographer Fredrik

Our illustrator Terése

Our designer Sebastian

And our publisher Natur och Kultur!

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