Upcoming events: Boro and Sashiko introduction

The Japanese tradition of mending clothes is one of our favorite subjects, and we want to invite you to an evening all about two techniques that are getting a lot of attention right now: Sashiko embroidery and Boro mending! 
On our recent trip to Tokyo we bought some pieces of Japanese vintage textiles and we would love to show them to you while discussing their place in the Japanese culture and how the western society interprets them. How come we find those beautiful fabrics so fascinating and what stories do they have to tell? We hope for an open discussion where anyone is free to contribute their opinion!
A piece of cloth that used to be a cover for a Japanese mattress, mended in a tradition referred to as "Boro" 

We will provide materials for those who want to try their own hands at some mending inspired by the Japanese textiles, and contribute our best tips in order to help you create beautiful and functional repairs. 
And last but not least: There will be fika! 
The corner of a Furoshiki, a cloth traditionally used for carrying things or wrapping things in. The artful embroideries that decorate the corners are commonly called "Sashiko".

Please note that this is not a full-scale stitching class, it is an evening event where we will show+tell about our Japanese textiles and you can have a go at hand stitching inspired by the Japanese traditions.  

An introduction to Boro and Sashiko
- Thursday 16/5
- Time: 18-21
- Hand-sewing crash course 
- No admission fee or sign-up needed, so bring a friend and stop by!

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