Upcoming events: Denim flea market 22/9

Vintage and denim flea market

Fall is approaching and we're planning a get-together! On Sunday 22/9 we are arranging a Denim flea market, and we want to invite all our friends and customers to join us. Having been around for close to nine years now, we know that many of you have stuff in your wardrobe that is too small, too big or too cool, and just does not get used very often. Maybe you are even ready to let those pieces go? This will be a great opportunity for that! 

On this special Sunday event we will pop up tables in the yard next to our store and invite you all to come and sell, buy or trade your too-good-to-throw-away pieces. It does not have to be strictly denim, you can bring anything you like and think fit for the scene. Examples of things we'd gladly see are; Denim garments, boots, nice interior stuff, accessories, leather garments... Well basically anything you could remotely imagine would fit into our store! 

There will be ten tables available and you can use them on a first come, first serve basis. We will not be taking any bookings and we will not be charging anything for a spot, as our main goal is just to get to get to see your sweet faces again after this long summer. We have plans for food to be available, but we're unsure if that means food truck or bringing out the barbecue and get hot dogs.

We are happy to welcome the Brisket & Friends food truck to the event as well! This award winning BBQ food truck is really something extra and will be parked in front of our store, right next to the flea market. We would advise you to come hungry so you can appreciate a great BBQ lunch with us this Sunday! 

Denim flea market 22/9
- Time plan: 12-16
- No fee, no signup
- Bring whatever you want to sell, as long as it is remotely connected to denim culture


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