Future events: Obbi Good Label popup 13/9

On Wednesday 13/9 we will be visited by our friends from Obbi good label, who are touring Europe and are making a stop at Second Sunrise to present a pop-up shop! Obbi good label usually resides in Singapore where their create hand-made leather accessories in their workshop. All of their goods are made from premium leather and the designs are focused on the function, just as we like it! 

One of the key elements of the success of Obbi Good is the way they treat their material. Instead of designing a product, and then start searching for a leather that could be used for it, they start with gathering good hides, and base their design process on the inherent qualities of the leather. This way the finished product is the best it could possibly be, making the most of design and supply.



In an interview, the labels founder Johnny Low states that "We don’t do hard selling, but we make sure every piece of work we make must be able to age well.
We'd say you have to be very secure about your product to chose such a market strategy, and from what we've seen the quality of these products does in deed speak for itself.

The pop-up store will be open all day, and then some. Between 12-20 Obbi's marketing director James Dung and his colleagues will be ready to show off their range and their sewing techniques. This is our plan:

Come have a coffee with us and our visitors! Bring your old grimy leather accessories, because James and his team will be showcasing their own leather cleaning products, and offer to clean them for you (for a symbolic 200 sek bill)!

Live stitching! The guys have promised to stitch up three leather card wallets during the day, to give us an idea of how they are made in the workshop in Singapore. This will be a great opportunity for those of you who want to learn more about working in leather, as you can ask all the questions to someone who is in the trade.

We have also been promised that the three card wallets will be given to us to do as we please with, so we decided to give them away to the days visitors! We are still thinking of some sort of raffle that will decide the lucky winners. 

Some kind of raffle mentioned above will happen during this time slot, also we will get some cold beverages to share with you and we think that will keep us pretty happy for the rest of the day! 

As all schedules, time can vary some, but the essentials are: 13/9, 12-20, leather popup, cold beverages in the afternoon, sweet visitors from Singapore. Hope you can make it!  

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