We are writing a new book!

We are very happy and proud to announce that we are writing a new book!

It will be released by Natur & Kultur in October (if all goes according to the plan) and it will be a craft book about mending clothes. The idea behind this book actually took root when we had our second meeting with our publisher regarding writing the indigo book! Douglas mentioned that he thought it was about time that someone wrote a book about mending as well, and at the time we laughed about it because we could never imagine that we would actually be writing that book two years later. But here we are, working hard on keeping the store and the web shop going while repairing jeans on an everyday basis and also writing a chapter for the new book whenever we find the time!

The book will be photographed by our talented friend Hampus Andersson. You can see some of his work here!

So why do we think it's time for a craft book about mending? The answer to that is that we want to inspire people to care more about what they already have as an alternative to buying something new. We believe that the best clothes are the ones you care about and if you out effort into patching and mending your favorite pieces of clothing instead of giving up on them, that will add a story to them. You will also be doing both your wallet and our environment a favor! We are both fascinated of old garments and have been for a long time, and the ones we find most interesting are not the brand new and never worn old garments, it's the beaten up and well worn ones where one can tell the story of the wearer by looking at the wear and repairs!

In the book we will give you our cleverest tips and tricks on how to make visible and invisible mendings. There will be denim repairs side by side with knitted repairs and hand made sashiko inspired patching. There will probably be some more interesting things in it, depending on what we will write about in the weeks ahead :)

We don't want to spoil things just yet by showing you the pictures that Hampus already taken, but to give you a better feeling of the direction of the book we did take some pictures of some of the mendings that will be featured in the book.

Book about mendings

 Book about mendings

Book about mendings

Book about mendings

Book about mendings

Book about mendings

We think it's time for the repairs to take the stage! We hope to inspire you to extend the life of what you wear, while making small pieces of art at the same time.

Most of you might already know that we have written a book about the crafts behind Indigo dyeing! I was released by the Swedish publisher Natur & Kultur in March 2017 and it's called "En handbok om indigo" and you can find it here. We are also happy to tell you that an English version of that book will be released by the British publisher Pavilion Books and it will see the light of day on the 7'th of June this year for all you English speaking indigo lovers!


  • Vad roligt Björn! Det gör vi med :)

  • Fantastiskt spännande! Ser verkligen fram emot detta släpp till hösten.

    Björn Sahlberg

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