Blue Highway Bandana Leather Woggle

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The Blue Highway Woggle is made by us in the store. A small detail that can be used instead of tying your bandana. The Woggle is made of a 2,5cm wide leather strap that is cut and secured with a hand hammered copper rivet, the same ones we use when making a pair of Blue Highway jeans.

The leather is made by Tärnsjö tannery, a local tannery that was founded in 1873. Tärnsjö are one of the few tanneries that are still operating in Sweden and to this day they maintain a good reputation when it comes to making top quality veg tanned leather.

For these ones we use a veg tanned cow leather with a thickness of 4mm. Tärnsjö only works with leather collected from the farms in the region, making sure that the stock has been treated in the best way in means of good animal keeping and following Swedish laws and standards. The leather is in its most natural state. It is the kind of leather that might not look so appealing at first but with time, it will age and darken in a most beautiful way as well as the copper rivet.

Another thing with this kind of natural leather is that its production is slightly more friendly to the environment because no color is used.

- Blue Highway Bandana Leather Woggle
- Locally produced veg tanned leather from Swedish stock
- Hand hammered copper rivet
- Materials will age and darken when used
- Hand made by us in the store