Indigofera x Second Sunrise Patch

Second Sunrise

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We are pleased to announce that we have been teaming up with our friends at Indigofera. Together we made a small collection for the autumn of 2021!

These garments finds their inspiration in vintage Swedish army and outdoor clothes  and the names are inspired by a beloved Swedish cartoon from the 70's known as Dunderklumpen.

This patch is designed by the talented tattoo artist Jenny Boström located here in Stockholm, Sweden. The text "Glädjen Vind Som Blåser Omkring Oss" translates The Wind of Joy That Blows Around Us. It's part of the treasure that hides in the treasure chest at the end of the movie Dunderklumpen.

Indigofera x Second Sunrise Patch
- Designed by Jenny Boström
- Measures 8 cm in diameter