Matcha Moments Book

Matcha Moments Book

Renée Voltaire

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This book is written by Renée Voltaire who wants you to join her on a journey into the world of the Japanese matcha tea.

The book gives you lots about the culture and philosophy surrounding the healthy matcha tea. Food inspirer as Renée Voltaire is, this book is of course also packed with lots of recipes. Lots of yummy and healthy stuff, from ramen and lunch pies to sweet desserts.

Please note that this book is written in Swedish.

- Matcha Moments Book
- Text in Swedish
- Framed book
- 162 Pages
- Printed in Sweden at Göteborgstryckeriet
- Written by Renée Voltaire, Karin Eliasson,
Håkan Engler and Robert Schelin
- Photo by Lowa Widenius and Shinji Takeuchi
- First print