Heimat Mechanics Wool Hat Ink (Navy)

Heimat Mechanics Wool Hat Ink (Navy)


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Heimat is a small German producer of wool garments and their goal is to make great and simple products that will make you feel at home and secure while wearing your garments in your everyday life!  

This Mechanics Hat is Heimat's version of the iconic wool cap worn by the US Navy during WW2. This kind of wool cap is also known as the Watch Cap and it got it's name from being a protective and warming wool headgear worn by the seamen when spending their watch patrolling the deck of the ship. Heimats Mechanics hat has a double folded brim that will make sure that your head stays warm even in the coldest of weather and when needed it can be folded down to cover the ears. Wear it for some time and you will see that the shape and the fit will adapt to your head making it personal and joyful to wear!

- Heimat Mechanics Wool Hat Ink (Navy)
100% Virgin wool
- One size fits all
- Double folded brim
Hand finished
- Made in Germany