Traveler's Company #012 Regular Notebook Refill Sketch Paper

Traveler’s Company

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This is a Traveler's company Notebook refill. It's a notebook refill that's perfect if you prefer to paint with water color. There is a perforation line in each page, so once you're finished drawing, you can easily pull off the page and use it as a post card or put it in a frame. We would like to recommend you to spend time with the paper and what you draw in it, just like those days when you were a child. It's a perfect way to spend time with yourself and explore your imagination using such simple things as a notebook and some watercolor.

Use the #021 Binding Bands to insert multiple refills in your notebook to make it an even more versatile tool to help you out in your everyday life!

- Travelers Company #012 Regular Notebook Refill Sketch Paper
- 48 pages
- Blank thick sketch paper
- Perforated
- Made in Japan