Putpet Tall Smile Wire Doll Black

Putpet Tall Smile Wire Doll Black


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Putpet dolls are all handmade in Japan by the artist Kenzi Ohtani who strives to spreads joy by making funny dolls! All products are handmade, unique and made from recycled vintage textiles. 

This Tall Smile Wire Doll is all hand stitched and made completely by recycled vintage fabrics. The wire inside the doll can be shaped to give it a desired expression! We are very happy that these dolls comes with a special Putpet/Second Sunrise label.

For smile and peace by Putpet!

-  Putpet Tall Smile Wire Doll Black
- Measures around 32 cm from head to toe
- Hand made by Kenzi Ohtani in Japan using vintage fabrics
- Tiny soft ears
- Hand stitched