Zerrows Slit Sandal Black

Zerrows Slit Sandal Black


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Zerrows was founded by Sotaro Terada in Tokyo, Japan in 2011. He started learning the craft of boot making in 1998 by working for various brands up until the start of his own brand.

Today Zerrows is a small brand run by Sotaro and a team of skilful craftsmen. By focusing on classic design and not compromising on materials, Zerrows aim to make long lasting products that will be used for decades. We are really impressed with the work they put into these and we think it is hard to find a more well made sandal.

We are boot fanatics and most of the year it is fine to wear boots. But during the hottest months of summer, it can be nice to have something a little more airy.

When we first saw Zerrows, we immediately felt that this is the perfect option for us shoe lovers because the whole idea of the brand is to produce sandals that follow the same high standards that we associate with well-made shoes.

Since 2011 Zerrows have been making semi-order custom boots with the goal to produce tough and long lasting footwear, focusing on classic and timeless design. All products are hand made in their Tokyo based workshop.

The idea behind a pair of Zerrows Sandals is to make them in the same high standard as a pair of well-made leather boots. With a top plate that is three-dimensionally molded by an arch bowl construction, a unique manufacturing method that applies boot making technology. The outer sole is replaceable with the intention to make them last for years.

As with a pair of leather boots these will need to be broken in, so the leather conforms to your feet.

Please contact us for more information and sizing. We will be happy to help you out!

- Zerrows Slit Sandal Black
- Stitch down construction
- Leather, Black Horween Chromexcel
- True to size
- Mid sole built up with layers of leather
Outsole, Vibram #8327
- Adjustable buckle
- Made in Japan