Each of Tender's goods is the product of the work and experience that has gone into making it, and will reach its full potential only after it has become part of its owner's life, and been worn.

To leave every piece with the best prospects, only natural materials are used, and often they are left unfinished: English canvas and Japanese denim are cut loom-state so they will take their full form as garments, rather than on the roll. 18 month oak bark-tanned leather is used unpressed and uncorrected, showing the imperfections in the hide and meaning no two items are the same, but allowing the full character of the leather to reveal itself. Unfiltered beeswax contains impurities and streaks of honey; raw lost wax-cast brass and bronze tarnish with use; English red clay is hand thrown into pots which are unglazed on the base, showing the character of the earth.

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