Letting Unionville go

Unionville was opened in 2010 as a store built around the knowledge that the two brothers Hampus and Douglas had about denim. The store developed to become a place where most things can happen, from rowdy event-nights and making our own coffee blend to hosting an exhibition with some of the worlds oldest denim pieces. 

Time flies and when Hampus became a father he and his family decided to leave Stochholm. In march 2017 the store Unionville was bought by us, Douglas and Kerstin, from our former bosses, Sivletto AB. We were formerly employed to manage Unionville, and felt that is was time to give it all the attention the store deserved. 

As we stood with the keys to our own store in our hands we decided it was time for a fresh start. We want to keep the concept and feel of Unionville, but update the name and the range of products to fit our idea of what the store should represent. We had been thinking of the name Second Sunrise as a suiting name for our indigo products line, and decided it was good enough to fill the boots of Unionville.

We will keep looking for small, interesting brands that produce high quality clothing to share with you and we are hoping to produce our own line of denim before the year is over. To us, Second Sunrise represents a clean, fresh start on a journey we can only guess where it will lead. We hope that you will join us in making the store everything we dreamt of!