African Indigo Textile Resist Dye Scarf no. 5

Second Sunrise

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Indigo has been used in many different cultures all around the world and in Africa there is a long tradition of making indigo dyed clothing and fabrics using a variety of different techniques. This textile comes from Burkina Faso and the fabric used is made from hand-woven strips of cotton fabric.

The pattern on this one is made using a stitch resist dye technique were the pattern is made by sewing rows of stitches in the fabric before it is dyed in indigo.

Here's our favourite African Indigo fabric in a size perfect to wear as a scarf.

- African Indigo Textile Resist Dye Scarf no. 5
- Hand made in Burkina Faso
- 100% cotton
- Resist dyed with indigo
- Measures: Length 156cm, Width 48cm