Blue Highway Clothing Women's Denim Jacket

Blue Highway Clothing Women's Denim Jacket

Blue Highway Clothing

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Blue Highway is the name of our own production line. It came to life in 2006 when Douglas wanted to explore the history of making clothes in order to be able to make garments that are relevant today. He found inspiration for the project in collecting vintage garments, sewing machines and looking for old miners jeans in the abandoned ghost towns of Nevada. Back then he had a small denim studio where all garments were cut and sewn by him, his brother Hampus and their friend Patrik. Today Blue Highway is run by Second Sunrise owner Douglas who use it to experiment with small scale production made in Sweden!

This jacket is the third denim garment made by Blue Highway Clothing. After releasing two models of men's jeans earlier, we felt it was time for a women's garment. Since 2007 we have had a Levi's ladies jacket from the mid 50's in our archive and it is this jacket that has been the model and the inspiration for our jacket. The fit is cut short and will be at its best worn with a pair of high waist pants. The shoulders and the sleeves are wider for comfort and movement.

We wanted to avoid adding any unnecessary details to the jacket and were inspired by a quote from the French writer and poet Antoine de Saint Exupéry who said "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." This was a reminder for us to not over work the design, which we believe is the key in designing a garment that can be a fundamental part of ones wardrobe for years. 

The fabric is a 10 oz Japanese grey weft nep selvage denim milled by Allblue in Japan. The denim is a reproduction of vintage JELT denim, a fabric that was popular in work wear from the middle of the last century. In the production the yarn is twisted tightly making a fine and strong thread that is woven into a sturdy twill fabric. The result is a strong fabric which is not too heavy, ideal for comfortable and long lasting work wear and denim jackets as well. The cotton used in this fabric is a blend of American & Australian cotton. Sourced for their quality, characteristics and fairness production. The warp is rope-dyed with a slightly lighter shade of indigo that's characteristic with vintage denim and the weft is dyed gray. The yarn is then slowly woven on a vintage shuttle loom.

With the process, there may be small weaving defects just as you can see on old vintage garments. This does not affect the durability of the garment but is just a sign that old machines have been involved and that beauty can be found in imperfection.

Our jackets are made at Ljungskile Trikå, a small sewing studio in southern Sweden. Located in an area that used to be the centre of the textile production in Sweden back in the days. Ljungskile Trikå consists of a small but committed group of people with lots of knowledge of textile production. These jackets are made using vintage machines from the middle of the last century and for this first release we've only produced 18 jackets.

Norma is wearing a size M and she measures 167 cm tall.

Do you want to read even more about the original vintage jacket which we used for inspiration? We have written a blog post about it that you will find here.

- Blue Highway Clothing Women's Denim Jacket
- First batch of 18 jackets
- 10 oz Japanese selvage denim
- Fabric made of a blend using American & Australian cotton
- Corozo nut buttons made in Italy
- Pre washed and will not shrink
- Made in Sweden

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, waist is measured straight across at the bottom of the jacket, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff and shoulders are measured from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.

 Size Chart

Width Waist Length Sleeve length Shoulders


45cm 32cm 46cm 44cm 14cm
S 48cm 36cm 47cm 44cm 15cm
M 51cm 38cm 48cm 45cm 16cm
L 53cm 42cm 49cm 45cm 17cm
XL 59cm 48cm 52cm 46cm 19cm
XXL 63cm 52cm 53cm 46cm 20cm