Boro - Nödens Konst Bok (Swedish)

Boro - Nödens Konst Bok (Swedish)

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This book is part of the on going exhibition of Boro textiles at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, part of the National Museums of World Culture.

The Japanese textiles known as Boro consists of textiles used way beyond what we today would consider the expected lifespan of textiles. Boro includes fabrics created through various forms of re-use, mostly patching and mending, or reinforcing simple stitch-work, as well as weaving textiles from rags.

In it we get to know boro textiles from a historical perspective and in a modern context as well. The book is full of interesting reflections and beautiful pictures of these unique textiles!

- Boro - Nödens Konst Bok
- Text in Swedish
- Art and theory publishing
- 172 pages
- Exhibition from 30 January to 15 August 2021