Danner Laces 63" / 160 cm Royal Blue

Danner Boots

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Danner boots was founded in 1932 during the great depression with the intention to make affordable work boots in a time off need. The company started out small in the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and a few decades later when the World War II broke out and the army was in need of sturdy boots and Danner opened up their Portland factory to meet the increased volume requested by the government.

Nowadays Danner has became famous for making top quality hiking boots. In post war America people began to explore the great outdoors and the interest for hiking, fishing, hunting, backpacking and mountain climbing was growing and Danner became the footwear of choice for those adventurers!

Danner's premium laces is perfect for their boots but will of course go well with other brands as well. Why not treat your boots with a new clean pair of laces?

-  Danner Laces 63" / 160 cm Royal Blue