Denim Mending Giftcard

Denim Mending Giftcard

Second Sunrise

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This is a gift card for denim repairs. Give it to someone who should bring their jeans to be mended by us! 

For most denim lovers it is a sad thing to see their beloved jeans fall apart. Who does not have a pair of torn jeans stashed away in their closet, too broken to be worn but too loved to be thrown away? We like the idea of people getting their old favorite jeans brought back to life for Christmas. With that in mind we created this special gift, a ticket that can be traded for one denim repair in our mending studio!

The ticket has a predetermined value of 350 sek that usually will be enough to cover a repair in the crotch area or a worn out knee. However, the ticket can also be used as an installment for a bigger repair. The ticket has no expiration date, so it can also be given to someone who may not have the need of a repair at the moment. As we all know, jeans that are worn a lot will all get there sooner or later! 

All information needed for one to understand what this ticket is all about can be read on the backside of it. Printed there is also the  information about how one can get in contact with us and where our store is located. Please note that this is a physical card, and will be delivered by mail. 

- Denim Mending Ticket 
- A predetermined value of 350 sek
- Text in Swedish
- No expiring date
- Measurements 14,3 cm x 10 cm
- Printed in Stockholm with a riso printer