H. W. Dog & Co. Peaky Cap Khaki

H. W. Dog & Co. Peaky Cap Khaki

H. W. Dog & Co.

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The H. W Dog & Co is a headwear manufacturer located in Japan. The inspiration comes from traditional headwear from different eras and the result is garments made in a contemporary style focusing on quality, functionality and long lasting styles that hopefully will stand the test of time.

This stylish and traditional casquette is made in Japan by H. W Dog. We are always on the lookout for wide caps because we think they look best since they can be shaped in different ways to make them more personal! This eight panel casquette is actually as wide as it is long which gives a lot of fabric on the side, creating a great shape that we associate with the early 20'th century.

The fabric is a sturdy cotton herringbone twill that will soften and look it's best after it has been worn for a while. The cap is unlined, making it perfect to wear during summer as well!

- H. W. Dog & Co. Peaky Cap Khaki
- 100% cotton twill fabric
- Khaki color
- Made in Japan