Hornvarefabrikken Regular Horn Comb With Handle

Hornvarefabrikken Regular Horn Comb With Handle


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This Danish producer of hornware has a history that stretches more than 200 years back in time. Today the products are still made by hand in Denmark in a factory that dates back to 1935. New inventions have made production some what easier than back in the days, but the work processes are the same today as they were two hundred years ago.

This regular sized horn comb is very light and comfortable to use, making it easy to carry for everyday use or if you're packing for a trip. This comb has a handle, which makes is hard for us not to make a joke about how practical it is. All we can say is that if you prefer a comb with a handle, this is the comb for you.

The color of the combs will vary due to the fact that they're made out of natural horn and the color stretches from white to amber and almost black. The comb in the picture will not be the one you get and if you have preferences regarding color "Bright" or "Dark" please give us a comment during check out and we will do our best to grant that wish. 

- Hornvarefabrikken Regular Horn Comb With Handle
- Length: Approx 19.5 cm
- Please do not carry the comb in your pocket or loose in a bag as this increases the risk of braking the comb
- Made of horn
- Handmade in Denmark