Indigofera Jurado Wool Cap Rust

Indigofera Jurado Wool Cap Rust


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The Jurado Cap from Indigofera is a thick wool beanie that will keep your head warm during the coldest winter! The caps edge can be folded once or twice, depending on the style you prefer. If you fold it twice you will have three layers of wool covering your forehead when the cold wind blows!

A fun fact about the small embroidered patch is that the design is based on a vintage Zuni pin that Indigofera founder Mats wears on the side of his hat, and as you can see the lower part of the patch has the arcuate stitch that we also see on the back pockets of Indigofera jeans and other garments.

- Indigofera Jurado Wool Cap Rust
- 100% wool
- One size
- Made in Portugal