Indigofera x Second Sunrise Trees Blanket

Indigofera x Second Sunrise Trees Blanket


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We are pleased to announce that we have been teaming up with our friends at Indigofera. The result is a small collection for the autumn of 2021!

This warm and cozy blanket is part of the collection. When it comes to the design we found our inspiration in the stories we grew up with. In Sweden there is a cartoon from the 70s, beloved by many, called Dunderklumpen. The story takes place during a midsummer night in the northern part of Sweden. An adventure with fairy tales in the beautiful northern forest that has proven to stay close to our hearts for decades. 

A great part of inspiration was also found in the beautiful stories created by Tove Jansson and her way of depicting nature which in the same way can appear dark and terrifying but magical and warming at the same time.

In this blanket we experimented with nature in a playful way and the blanket doe's not have an up and down. Depending on which direction you turn it, you can experience both dusk and dawn in between the trees. 

Indigofera's blanket are made by Røros Tweed in Norway. The company is one of the most reputable crafting businesses in the country. The company started after a weaving course in the town of Røros back in 1939. Citizens started weaving at home and a local sales center sold the textiles. Later on, bigger machines was acquired and the whole operation reached factory level in 1952.

- Indigofera x Second Sunrise Trees Blanket
- 100% wool
- 2 x 1,5 m
- Made in Norway