OrSlow Women's Baggy Ranch Pants Denim

OrSlow Women's Baggy Ranch Pants Denim


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Since 2005 OrSlow has made clothes in Japan that are inspired by vintage garments. Rather than straight reproductions, they focus on interpreting the past through a modern lens with emphasis on quality construction, comfort and timeless style. 

These jeans are inspired by the 50s, a time when leisure wear and denim became more and more popular. A few decades earlier denim was considered a workwear fabric and it wasn't until after the second world war that the tough fabric became popular in casual clothing. 

Women's jeans from this time were made to follow the curves of the body. Designed to be comfortable to wear in everyday life they had high cut waists and generous leg widths, a style that corresponded well with the preferred cut of the era. OrSlow has managed to capture this 50's style in a contemporary way and these baggy ranch pant jeans have a high waist and close at the side of the hip, a detail synonymous with women's pants from the middle of the last century. This makes the pants follow the shape of the body and you don't need to worry about a fly that might be uncomfortable. The pants are super wide in the legs, giving you plenty of space to move while wearing them. At the waist there is two snap buttons, allowing you some adjustment of the waist width. 

The jeans have been washed once, which brings out a bright indigo color and also makes sure that the jeans won't shrink when you wash them at home!

Lisa is 162 cm tall and weighs 57 kilos. She wears XS.

Hemming is always included when you purchase a pair of jeans from us! Give us a comment during check out and we will shorten them before we send them. Keep in mind that you won't be able to return the jeans if we alter the length for you.

- OrSlow Women's Baggy Ranch Pants Denim
- High waist
- Wide legs
- 9 oz Japanese selvage denim made to meet OrSlows specifications
- Pre-washed and wont shrink
- Universal zipper fly
- Snap button
- Made in Japan 
All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The waist is measured when buttoned at the largest so each size can also has the option to be buttoned 2,5 cm tighter. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.

 Size XS S M
Waist 35 36 38
Inseam 50 51 52
Front rise 39 39,5 40,5
Back rise 49 50 50
Thigh 35 36,5 37,5
Leg opening 34 35 36