Traveler’s Company #005 Regular Notebook Refill Free Diary

Traveler’s Company

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This is a Traveller's company Notebook refill, intended to be inserted in a Traveller's company Notebook that you will find in our range. The Free diary is named because it has no pre-printed dates. The top of each page has a blank space for the name of the month and a tick box for the day of the week, and a single page is worth a single day. If you use it as a calendar it will cover two months.

This insert is designed to allow you to record the things you encounter and discover in your daily life, or to keep track of what lies in front of you. The paper is gridded, making it easy to write, draw, and paste things.

This smart notebook can also be used to make a list where you can write about the books you read or the shops you visited. The MD paper used in this notebook will make writing joyful no matter what kind of pen you prefer. 

Each page has 32 lines and the ruling space is 6.5 mm. The paper takes fountain pen ink well, with some showthrough but no feathering or bleed.

- Traveler’s Company #005 Regular Notebook Refill Free Diary
- Grid paper
- 64 pages
- Made in Japan