Traveler’s Company #006 Passport Size Free Diary 14 Months Refill

Traveler’s Company

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This is a Traveller's company Notebook refill, intended to be inserted in a Traveller's company Passport Sized Notebook that you will find in our range. The Free diary is named because it has no pre-printed dates. With this refill, you can start from any date and day! There are seven columns on each spread one for each day of the week and in the upper left corner you can fill in the week and the year. Simple and smart and yo will notice that there is lost of smart and easy ways to keep track of what you have in front of you while remembering what you did yesterday. 

The MD paper used in this notebook will make writing joyful no matter what kind of pen you prefer. 

Each spread has 7 columns (one for each day) divided in 5 to 6 squares that can be used for different events throughout the day. The paper takes fountain pen ink well, with some showthrough but no feathering or bleed.

Measures 124 x 89 mm with a cover of sturdy kraft paper, and can of course be used as a small calendar in its own right as well. 

Use the #011 Binding Bands for passport size to insert multiple refills in your notebook to make it an even more versatile tool to help you out in your everyday life!

- Traveler’s Company #006 Passport Size Free Diary 14 Months Refill
- 48 pages
- 14 months
- MD Paper cream
- Made in Japan