Traveler’s Company Fountain Pen Solid Brass

Traveler’s Company

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This beautiful fountain pen can easily be converted into a compact “carry around” pen. The pen part is stored in the body of the pen and simply by pulling it out and turning the pen part around you will have a full length pen ready to use.
The top of the pen has a ring for attaching a hook or a string, so you can clip it to your bag as a key holder or customize it using beads or other items to make a necklace out of it, just let your imagination run free! The ring can also be unscrewed to remove the clip if one prefer a clip-free pen. This is a perfect sized pen to use with a Traveler's notebook. 

When you have used it for a while it will develop a depth in the texture that solid brass acquires over time and use, telling the tale of the adventures you've had together. 

14,4 cm in writing mode
10,3 in folded mode

The pen uses international standard cartridges, available in black and blue-black.

- Traveler’s Company Midori TRC Brass Fountain Pen Solid Brass
- Solid brass
- Cartridges sold separately 
- Made in Japan