H. W. Dog & Co. Fishermans Knit Natural

H. W. Dog & Co. Fishermans Knit Natural

H. W. Dog & Co.

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The H. W Dog & Co is a headwear manufacturer located in Japan. The inspiration comes from traditional headwear from different eras and the result is garments made in a contemporary style focusing on quality, functionality and long lasting styles that hopefully will stand the test of time.

This beautiful knitted wool cap features a pattern originally featured in sweaters woven by women in the Aran Islands of Ireland and worn by the local fishermen. The special rope knitting pattern of the "Aran sweaters" was unique for each family and treated like a family crest. It also feature sort of a prayer for safe journeys on the sea for the fishermen. However, if fishermen of the Aran Islands wasn't fortunate to survive the waves, the pattern of the sweater was a way of the fisherman's identity.

H. W. Dog & Co. Fishermans Knit D-00624
- 100% wool
- Made in Japan