Indigofera Alamo Shirt MASH Green

Indigofera Alamo Shirt MASH Green


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Alamo is a thick cotton shirt made by the Swedish brand Indigofera. The inspiration behind this shirt comes from durable work shirts from the middle of the last century and Indigofera are aiming to make a shirt that has a simplicity in it's design and that can withstand some tough wear.

The fit is made to be able to move around in and it's perfect to wear for everyday use. It also works great to wear on top of other garments as a over shirt. Made of sturdy twill fabric that will be tough to wear out.

Indigofera Alamo Shirt MASH Green.
- 100% cotton.
- Made in Portugal.

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve length
XS 51cm 68cm 53cm


55cm 70cm 54cm
M 57cm 73cm 56cm
L 59cm 75cm 57cm


63cm 78cm 58cm