Indigofera Clint Jeans Shrink to Prima Fit

Indigofera Clint Jeans Shrink to Prima Fit


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Clint is the most classic fit made by Indigofera with a regular waist and a straight leg. These pants are made of thick un sanforized fabric and they are supposed to be stiff and slightly large before the first wash. We recommend that you "shrink them to fit" by wearing the jeans while taking a shower or a bath so that the raw denim material shrinks to fit your body.

When trying out a pair of shrink to fits you should always consider having a few cm extra in the waist and in the length to eliminate the risk that the jeans will become to small after washing. When choosing your size for these jeans, go for a size bigger than you wear in pre-shrunk fits. 

- Indigofera Clint jeans shrink to prima fit.
- Straight fit.
- Button fly.
- 16 oz Japanese selvage denim fabric. 100% cotton.
- Unwashed shrink to fit.
- Will shrink up to 10cm on the length and two cm in the waist when washed.
- Made in Portugal.