Jernvirke The Mössa Winter Green


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The Swedish brand Jernvirke believes that great products starts with great materials. The Stockholm based brand is all for 100% natural materials and their garments are made in Europe.

The Jernvirke Knitted Wool Beanie is made from the characteristic Gotland Grey wool and then hand dyed by Jernvirke's founders. 

The yarn is spun locally at Stenkyrka spinning factory on Gotland, just a few kilometers away from the farms where the sheep are raised.

This warming beaine will fit most heads thanks to the easy adjustable double turndown. The double turndown also makes it easy to style it according to one's preferences.

- Jernvirke The Mössa Winter Green
- Spun on Gotland
- Knitted in Sweden
- Hand dyed
- Sewn in Poland
- Unisex fit