Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense Douglas Fir

Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense Douglas Fir

Juniper Ridge

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There is no tree that defines the thick forests of the Northwest like the Douglas Fir. Uniformly stately, these giants march up and down mountains prolifically growing in seasonal cycles of sun and rain. Black barked trees, budding citrus-like aromatic chutes from the end of each branch in springtime and painting deep shadowed forests across the Cascade Mountains where they’ve made their home for millions of years.

This is the only tree to rival the prowess of the Coastal Redwood and commands an old-growth ecology that is certainly every bit as majestic. From the top of Cascade Glaciers to the Sierra Granite highlands, the Douglas Fir encapsulates all the evocative, aesthetic potential of Wilderness Perfume. Enjoying Douglas Fir Campfire Incense is enjoying the quintessential grand pageantry of the western wilderness.

Scent notes:
Mountain lodge fireplace, forest campground.

- Wildcrafted plants
- tree sap
- wood
- bamboo stick

20 sticks per pack.