Kontex MOKU Light Towel Large Orange

Kontex MOKU Light Towel Large Orange


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Since 1934 Kontex has been producing exceptionally soft towels and over the years they have refined the process using only the finest fibers which are gently twisted and then woven on old vintage looms at a low speed adapted to handle the soft fibers in the best way.

The Moku towel puts flexibility and functionality first. With a weight of only 100g and still beeing a decent sized towel, it is designed for a multi-functional everyday use. The Moku towel is super compact when folded making it easy to bring on your travel, to the gym, or as a light weight cotton towel alternative on your hike. With its light weight, it also drys super quickly.

The towel are perfect for home use as bath towel or kitchen towel with beautiful colors which will brighten up its surroundings.

- Kontex MOKU Light Towel Large Orange
‐ 100% cotton
- Weight 100g

‐ Made in Imabari, Japan
‐ 60 x 120 cm