Larry Smith Crescent Dragonfly Pendant Top NL-0108

Larry Smith Crescent Dragonfly Pendant Top NL-0108

Larry Smith

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This Crescent Dragonfly pendant looks great worn on a chain around the neck, and its made by hand in Japan by Larry Smith. Inspired by Native American jewelry from the so called "Fred Harvey era" dating back to the early 20th century.

This type of cross is also called a Pueblo Cross. It´s a very old pueblo design that is associated with the Isleta Pueblo of New Mexico. The origins of the double bar cross derivates from the Moors and Spaniards. When the native people of the Southwest saw this cross, they thought of their own symbol the Dragonfly and it was aesthetically similar. The native people incorporated this cross into their crafts, both on pottery and silver. Especially the Hohokam and Mimbres tribes where early on this. Today the dragonfly symbol is used amongst many tribes in their crafts, both Zuni, Hopi and Navajo silversmiths create beautiful silver pieces. From this comes Larry Smiths inspiration.

The dragonfly is believed to help us strip away all negativity that holds us back, so we can achieve our dreams and goals. The dragonfly reminds us that anything is possible. 

- Larry Smith NL-0108 Crescent Dragonfly Pendant
- 58 mm high
- Hand made by Larry Smith in Japan
- Made of silver
- Made in Japan