Larry Smith Open Wing Thunderbird Pendant NL-0098

Larry Smith Open Wing Thunderbird Pendant NL-0098

Larry Smith

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This thunderbird pendant looks great worn on a chain around the neck, and its made by hand in Japan by Larry Smith. Inspired by Native American jewelry from the so called "Fred Harvey era" dating back t the early 20th century.

The Thunderbird is one of the best known Native American symbols. It is used amongst tribes through out North America and each tribe has special beliefs regarding the Thunderbird. The name Thunderbird is commonly said to come from when the bird flaps it´s wings they made the sound of thunder and when he was angry, lighting would shoot from his eyes.

To the Navajo, or Dineh in their own language. The Thunderbird is a sacred symbol with many meanings. They believe that it protects them, warns them from approaching danger and nourishes their crops. It is also said to be a spirit guide. That will help the dead through the underworld.

- Larry Smith NL-0098 Thunderbird Turquoise Top
- 57 mm wide
- 22 mm tall
- Turquoise stone
- Hand made by Larry Smith in Japan
- Made of silver