Lone Wolf Leathers Belt Dark Brown Horween CXL Double Prong Brass Buckle

Lone Wolf Leathers Belt Dark Brown Horween CXL Double Prong Brass Buckle

Lone Wolf Leather

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This beautiful belt is handmade in Sweden by Lone Wolf Leather. The material used is Horween Chromexcel, this American tannery is known today for making some of the finest leathers in the world!

The tanning recipe for Horweens Chromexcel is over one hundred years old. In fact it dates back to 1913. Chromexcel leather is first tanned with a mixture of chrome tanning (chrome salts) and thereafter the leather is retanned using a traditional veg tanning process (bark extracts). This gives Chromexcel leather the best qualities of both tanning processes. The soft, supple, and durable qualities of chrome tanned leather and the round and full qualities of veg tanned leather that patina well. After the tanning process the leather is "hot stuffed" with oils, greases and bees wax that give the leather its characteristic pull up. The leather is finally hand dyed using an aniline stain. The characteristic "tea core" patina will show after use when the top stain wares off and the underlying leather color becomes visible. 

Michael Gärtnerthe man behind Lone Wolf Leathers, he combines uncompromising craftmanship with top quality materials, and the resulting work is solid proof of his expertise.

The buckle is a top grade solid brass twisted buckle from a U.S. supplier. The buckle is attached using solid brass Chicago screws making it easy to shift buckles if desired. 

To measure a belt you take the measurement from the buckle to the middle hole and that number should match the width around your waist. In that way you will have holes ready if your waist measure becomes bigger or smaller.

- Lone Wolf Leathers Belt Dark Brown Horween CXL Twisted Brass Buckle
Belt width = 1 ½ inch / 38 mm
- Dark Brown Horween Chromexcel leather
- Solid brass double prong buckle
- Three solid brass Chicago screws
- Cut and finished by hand
- 5 tear drops shaped holes 
- All hand made in Sweden by Lone Wolf Leathers