LVC 555 Valencia Street 506xx Jacket

LVC 555 Valencia Street 506xx Jacket

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This dead stock Levis Vintage Clothing jacket was made in October 1998 when Levi's first started the reproduction line called Levis Vintage Clothing, or "LVC". Back then they made all the garments in their old factory located on Valencia Street in San Fransisco.

The factory on Valencia Street was opened as the new headquarter and main production facility for Levis back in 1906 and it got to serve as a new start for the brand after the devastating earthquake and fire that occurred earlier that year. The factory was used for different purposes from that time up until 2002 when Levis were cutting costs and decided to close down the production in the old factory.

In other words, the so called "555 LVC Made in the USA" products were the last garments made in the old Levi's factory. LVC later moved their production to Turkey and after that they turned back to the United States, but to the garment district in Los Angeles. 

These garments have become collectibles among the reproductions and they are easy to spot since the back of the buttons that are stamped with "555". You can also by look at the care label, these are stiff and have a silver thread that goes along the edges and you can also see the text "555 Made in the USA" written on the label.

This jacket is brand new and has never been used or washed. The jacket is made of a shrink to fit fabric so you should calculate with a 10% shrinkage when washed for the first time.



Width Length Sleeve

Size 36

51cm 58cm 57cm