Miriam Parkman x Indigofera Midnight Dazzler Wool Blanket

Miriam Parkman x Indigofera Midnight Dazzler Wool Blanket


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The Midnight Dazzler Wool Blanket described by Miriam Parkman "At midnight
The sky is blue, the water still
The mountain mirrors in the surface, the surface mirrors the sky
The sun just set now rises again - blushing on Ringkallen mountain ridge”

Countless early June nights spent looking over Sörleviken bay is what named and inspired this design. The pattern originated from the swedish traditional pattern “Blixtrölakan” in the ”water design” - ”rölakan” the name for this technique in Swedish and “blixt” meaning lightning. So, lightning rods flashing before your eyes like the movement of water on a still surface = blixtrölakan. This pattern was commonly found on carriage bedding and house textiles in Sweden’s wealthy southern parts during the 1700s to early 1900s and was 100% a way of showing off your skill and wealth to your neighbors (I’m from the north but the fact I use this technique for this collection adds a small but loving hint towards Mats and Pontus of Indigofera, who both grew up in these areas of Sweden!). Influenced by goods sold by traders and merchants from the Mediterranean areas as well as Northern Africa and the Bysantin empire, this technique once merged with Nordic folk aesthetics and became part of our heritage. My “Midnight Dazzler” blanket mixes the experience of an early summer High Coast night in the 21st century with traditions of the past, as well as the “Eye Dazzler” designs of the Navajo tradition which uses the same technique.

- Miriam Parkman x Indigofera Midnight Dazzler Wool Blanket
- Measurements: 2 meters long and 1,5 meters wide
- Made of 100% Norwegian wool 
- Made in Norway