Moonstar Gym Court Vulcanized Rubber Sneakers Green

Moonstar Gym Court Vulcanized Rubber Sneakers Green


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The Gym Court sneakers is a re-working of a classic 1960's tennis shoe. They are sewn and assembled completely by hand in Moonstar's Kurume factory located in western Japan. The factory has been up and running since 1873 and takes pride in making durable and long lasting shoes!

Compared to the Moonstar Gym Classics, the Gym Court has extra cushioning support for the ankle and an extra layer of black rubber around the sole.

Vulcanised rubber is a process that was invented back in 1844 and the basics of the method is that natural rubber is mixed with sulphur and then heated. The heating will change the chemical structure of the material creating cross links between polymers to make them stronger and more durable! The name is inspired by Vulcan who is the Roman god of fire.

The thick canvas fabric is made of 100% cotton. They’re also finished off with an extra thick rubber toe cap that serves as a toe guard for added safety and durability.

We consider these shoes to be the perfect spring and summer shoes with its classic design inspired by training shoes from the 60s these shoes are in opinion a style that has proven to stand the test of time. Ready to be worn on all of summers adventures!

Please note that Moonstar only comes in even US sizes and there is no size corresponding to a EUR 42. They also run slightly small in sizes so if you find yourself in between two sizes we recommend you to size up in these. 

- Moonstar Gym Court Vulcanized Rubber Sneakers Green
- Made in Kurume factory located in western Japan
- Sewn and assembled by hand
- 100% cotton canvas fabric
- Vulcanised rubber
- Ventilation eyelets in-step