Natur & Kultur Jonas Cramby Americana

Natur & Kultur Jonas Cramby Americana

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We are excited to have our friend Jonas Cramby's latest book in the store! This is a great cookbook and Jonas' way of writing makes you want to read the whole book from cover to cover. Which we recommend because this book, in addition to amazing recipes, contains a lot of fun and exciting cultural anecdotes around food culture.

Jonas is also a big fan of Americana music and in the book there are links to his Spotify lists so that you can get that great feeling while in the kitchen!

Americana is not necessarily about the real US but more about our shared dream of the country. It's a book for you who dreamed of Grandma Duck's perfect apple pie slices since you were a child, watched the Sopranos mostly because of Carmela's ziti gratin, and aren't a bit ashamed that you prefer mac & cheese to cacio e pepe.

In about 70 recipes, you'll learn to cook everything from perfectly fluffy pancakes to Louisiana's mysterious, magical gumbo. You'll also learn why you should always order your pie à la mode, how to get both wavy AND completely straight bacon slices, and you'll get a shocking insight into the dark history of breakfast granola. But mostly the book is a declaration of love for the country where all the world's cultures once came together and gave the rest of the world a huge, common. Because while not everything that comes from America is good, everything that is good comes from America. The food, the music, the booze, the romance.

- Natur & Kultur Jonas Cramby Americana
- Text in Swedish
- Framed book
- Written by Jonas Cramby
- 187 pages