Papa Nui Cap Co. Amphibious Forces Watch Cap Khaki Wool

Papa Nui Cap Co. Amphibious Forces Watch Cap Khaki Wool

Papa Nui Cap Co.

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Papa Nui is a small cap making brand that's built all around the love of things with utility! Mixing military, surfing and a big spoon of vintage clothing is the inspiration that goes behind making these products!

This is a Papa Nui reproduction of the classic USN General Issue Watch Cap in a Amphibious Forces Khaki edition. Its a beautiful rendention of the classic WWII Naval knit, fully machined knitted in Japan in pure wool and featuring a Amphibious Forces U. S. Army contract tag. The reason for the US Navy to wear wool is that wool has the natural capacity of keeping the heat even when soaking wet. If one would find oneself in an extreem situation where ones wool clothes are soaked and the weather is cold you should never undress the wool garments because it's ability to keep you warm could actually be a mater of life and death. That's also the reason why wool is our favorite fiber. 

The only down side with this kind of headwear is that it sometimes will be to warm to wear but when looking for the perfect cap to withstand the cold winter days this is our number one recommendation!

- Papa Nui Cap Co. Amphibious Forces Watch Cap Khaki Wool
- Made of 100% wool
- Khaki
- U.S. Army Amphibious Force tag
- Made in Japan