Papa Nui Cap Co. Chesty Cap

Papa Nui Cap Co. Chesty Cap

Papa Nui Cap Co.

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Papa Nui is a small cap making brand that's built around the love of things with utility! Mixing military, surfing and a big spoon of vintage clothing is the inspiration that goes behind these products.

This cap is called the Chesty Cap because of the pleats around the crown giving the cap a chesty silhouette. The visor is soft but with a canvas liner making the visor enough sturdy for the iconic flip up this kind of cap requires. It's made in a 100% cotton HBT fabric and been washed once.


- Papa Nui Cap Co. Chesty Cap
- 100% cotton olive drab HBT
- Soft visor with canvas liner
- The brim can easily be flipped up
- Washed once
- Made in Japan