Papa Nui Cap Co. Hawkeye Hat

Papa Nui Cap Co. Hawkeye Hat

Papa Nui Cap Co.

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Papa Nui is a small cap making brand that's built around the love of things with utility! Mixing military, surfing and a big spoon of vintage clothing is the inspiration that goes behind these products!

The Papa Nui Cap Co. Hawkeye Hat is something special, it´s a two in one hat, it´s both a daisy may hat with a full brim & a normal cap with a front visor. This visor is firmer than the rest of the full brim, so it holds it´s shape when worn as a normal cap. Plus it also has a fold down ear protection that will keep your ears warm, this with a wool liner. Then it´s always nice to to see pieces made out of our favourite camouflage the Frogskin.

- Papa Nui Cap Co. Hawkeye Hat
- Frogskin Camo
- Two in One Hat
- Full Brim with Sewn in Cap Visor
-  Fold down ear protection with wool liner
- Japanese cotton
- Six panels cap
- Made in Japan