Papa Nui Cap Co. The Okinawa Cap

Papa Nui Cap Co. The Okinawa Cap

Papa Nui Cap Co.

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Papa Nui is a small cap making brand that's based around the love of things with utility! Mixing military, surfing and a big spoon of vintage clothing as it's inspiration is what goes behind making these products!

The Okinawa cap is made of a herringbone twill cotton fabric with the classic so called "Frogskin" camo pattern that was used by the US Marine Corp during WWII, this unique camo pattern was developed for a jungle environment and is printed with two different patterns on each side of the fabric so garments made with it could be reversed inside out to meet the demands of troops in the field. The side used on the outside of this cap is known as the "Beach" side that is a sandy hue and the inside features a "Jungle" color scheme. While it's utility as camouflage in the urban jungle is questionable perhaps, it makes you stand out from the crowd as well as paying homage to the history of the fabric!

- Papa Nui Cap Co. The Okinawa Cap
- Made of 100% cotton
- Two sided Frogskin camo designed for USMC in the 40s
- Four panels cap
- 7,3 cm wide brim that can easily be flipped up
- Made in Japan