Papa Nui Fuji Hat

Papa Nui Fuji Hat

Papa Nui Cap Co.

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Papa Nui is a small cap making brand that's built around the love of things with utility! Mixing military, surfing and a big spoon of vintage clothing is the inspiration that goes behind these products!

Across the Bering Sea and down the island chain from Japan Papa Nui draws inspiration from a very rare capture, the Fuji Hat! Developed from the jungle boonie of Fujiwara Takeo, soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army, this unique hat adds a really fresh take on the popular Daisy Mae styles. Its late 30’s early 40’s styling evokes an outdoorsy appeal whilst being an incredibly practical head covering. Beautiful Nippon cotton twill with a dry handle adds oriental authenticity as does Fuji’s name stamped inside in Japanese characters and a great hang tag baring the Hino Maru and a Buun Cho Kyo slogan, declaring “continued luck in the fortunes of war".

We really like this unique style of cap worn by the Japanese army, decorated with a bowtie on the side and the good luck hang tag. In a way this cap is not far from something you would expect to see worn by a lady while taking care of the flowers in the garden during a warm summer day.

- Papa Nui Fuji Hat
- Made of 100% Japanese milled cotton twill
- Six panels
- Fuji’s name printed on the inside
- Comes with a good luck in the fortunes of war swing tag
- Made in Japan