Pendleton Jacquard Robe Stars Wheels Sapphire


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The so-called trade blanket has a long history in North America. Before Columbus set sail to America the native americans used blankets made from hides or pelts of smaller animals which had been sewn together. They could also be woven from wool, feathers, down and cotton, and in some areas shredded cedar bark was used.

When the Europeans came and bartered with the native peoples, wool blankets had great value in trading and the brighter they were, the better. Most of the earlier trading blankets were plaids and block designs, like the traditional striped Hudson's Bay blankets. Jacquard loomed Pendleton Indian blankets with their brilliant colors and sharp details became very popular after their introduction into what was known as the "Indian trade".

Today the blanket designs are made in collaboration with representatives of the Native American society. 

- Pendleton Jacquard Robe Stars Wheels Sapphire
- 82% wool, 18% cotton
- Measures 162cm x 203cm
- Made in USA