Putpet Mini-smile Badge Bold Stripe


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Putpet dolls are all handmade in Japan by the artist Kenzi Ohtani who strives to spreads joy by making funny dolls! All products are handmade, unique and made from recycled vintage textiles. 

These mini-smile wire dolls doll are all hand stitched and made completely by recycled bold stripefabrics. The wire inside the doll can be shaped to give your mini-smile a desired expression! It also has a safety pin attached to the back so it can be worn as a badge. The smily face is embroidered on a pice of yellow leather,  

As these are completely handmade, no one will look exactly the same making each product from Putpet completely unique and charming.

We have several of the Bold Striped Mini-Smiles, so you might get anther one than the one pictured,

For smile and peace by Putpet!

- Putpet Mini-smile Badge Tie Dye
- Measures 10 cm high
- Wire doll
- Safety pin at the back
- Hand made by Kenzi Ohtani in Japan using vintage fabrics
- Hand stitched
- Each Mini-smile is unique