Råland Bootmaker Engineer Boots Horsehide Black Handmade In Sweden

Råland Bootmaker Engineer Boots Horsehide Black Handmade In Sweden

Råland Bootmaker

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We are very happy to be one of the first retailers to sell Råland Bootmakers handmade pieces. Råland Bootmaker is a "one man brand", with one person creating each pair of boots by hand. These Engineer Boots are made in Kalmar, Sweden. He uses Horse leather from an Italian company named Maryam Tannery. This is a fully vegetable tanning company that strive to reduce the impact on the ecosystem with new innovative ideas. This means that all the leather in this pair of boots is fully vegetable tanned.

The last is hand made and the the boots are also hand welted. The upper parts of the shoe is all horse leather, the front and heel is made from a green leather that has been over dyed to black. With time and wear the green will start to shine through, giving these boots a beautiful look. The leather bottom and heel is made out of a oak tanned leather. For bottom rubbers, Råland Bootmaker uses Dr. Soles Originals, a high quality rubber that will last a long time.

The Shoemaker behind these boots show his skills through these boots, it´s easy to tell that this is a absolute top quality boot once you see them live and when you can put your hands upon them.

Thanks to their generous arch support, quality construction and durable soles these boots are suitable for everyday wear no matter the occasion for many years to come. They are comfortable out of the box and will only get more comfortable with wear as the insoles conform to your feet.

A common experience when first trying a pair of pull-on boots is that they feel large in the heel. However - your heel needs to be able to move in the beginning. A heel slip of about half an inch (a bit more than a centimeter) is completely normal and will prevent chafing. With some wear, the boot will form a crease above your heal, giving you a personal fit. 

These boots run large in size, we recommend stepping down by one size.

Please contact us for more information and sizing. We will be happy to help you out!

- Råland Bootmaker Engineer Boots Horsehide Black
- D / Medium width
10.25" High shaft
- 1.9" Stacked woodsman heel
- Hand Welted
- Hand Lasted
- Black Horse Leather & Over Dyed Green Horse Leather
- Vegetable Tanned in Italy by Maryam Tannery
Heavy single, double and triple stitched sewing
- Dr. Sole Rubber Heels
- Vibram Half Sole
- Made in Sweden