Second Hand Buzz Rickson's White Chambray Shirt White Size XL

Second Hand Buzz Rickson's White Chambray Shirt White Size XL

Buzz Rickson's

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The Japanese brand Buzz Rickson's are today counted among the few high-end reproduction manufacturers of military and casual garments in the world! They strive to make true replicas by carefully researching and analyzing original vintage garments, taking great care to duplicate the material while paying close attention to technique and quality. Their goal is to bring back old forgotten techniques and machines needed to make garments of outstanding quality without compromises.

Buzz Rickson's chambray shirt is carefully reproduced to look like and to feel like the original shirts worn by USN in the 40's. Here's a classic chambray shirt and a great basic garment that looks good on it's own and it is also very easy to combine with other garments. The white color looks good with almost every other color. The shirt looks great worn without ironing it but if you prefer to wear it with a more dressed up mindset this will look just perfect after some heat and steam. It will be a go-to shirt, no matter if you are attending a wedding or if you want to wear a breathable cotton shirt to protect you against the warm sun while out exploring during summer!

A detail that we really appreciate is the shape of the collar of this shirt. The slightly pointy edges are in our opinion the best shaped collar, and this style comes from a more dressed up and tailored fashion that was synonymous with the 30/40s. Nowadays it seems like most brands don't pay attention to this kind of small details, so we are always happy when we find someone who does! This level of  attention to the details makes this shirt one of our favorite garments in the store.

This is a second hand shirt. It has been used but is in a good condition with no visual wear or tear. A catch for one looking for a top quality chambray shirt!

- Second Hand Buzz Rickson's White Chambray Shirt White Size XL
- 100% cotton
- Made in Japan

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