Second Hand Indigofera Copeland Black Rough Out Leather Size M

Second Hand Indigofera Copeland Black Rough Out Leather Size M


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This is a Second Hand Indigofera Copeland in Black Rough Out leather. The size is Medium and the shirt/jacket is barely used at all. Meaning this jacket is as good as new.

Copeland is a shirt/jacket made by the Swedish brand Indigofera. This version of the jacket is made of black rough out cow leather. Rough out means that you have turned the leather, the smooth and flatt side is turned inwards and the slightly hairy surface of the back side of the leather is outwards.

A rough out leather has the same durability as a smooth leather but an other great feature is that the leather wont get scratches as easy. Also because you have the smooth side inwards, the jacket will also be more comfortable to wear and with less friction to the garment you're wearing underneath. 

Copeland is sparingly ornamented, making it easy to combine with other garments while also making it very unlikely that one will grow tierd of the garment with time, more likely this is the kind of garment that will stay with you and develop as the years pass. 

Dan is wearing the shirt/jacket being sold in the pictures. Dan is 188 cm tall and weighs 84 kilos.

- Second Hand Indigofera Copeland Black Rough Out Leather
- Size Medium
- Made of black rough out leather
- Limited edition
- Snap buttons
- Unlined
- Copper rivet reinforcements
- Two chest pockets
- Made in Portugal

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve length
M 57cm 72cm 51cm